The Barbara Dex Award

The Barbara Dex Award is an annual unofficial award for the worst dressed act in the Eurovision Song Contest that year, and is voted by visitors of the Dutch website

The award is named after the 1993 Belgian representative Barbara Dex, who infamously wore a rather ugly, frumpy dress on the show that she made herself.

“Winners” of The Barbara Dex Award:

1997 – Debbie Scerri (Malta)

1998 – Guildo Horn (Germany)

1999 – Lydia (Spain)

2000 – Nathalie Sorce (Belgium)

2001 – Piasek (Poland)

2002 – Michalis Rakintzis (Greece)

2003 – t.A.T.u. (Russia)

2004 – Sanda (Romania)

2005 – Martin Vučić (FYR Macedonia)

2006 – Nonstop (Portugal)

2007 – Verka Serduchka (Ukraine)

2008 – Gisela (Andorra)

2009 – Zoli Ádok (Hungary)

2010 – Milan Stanković (Serbia)

2011 – Eldrine (Georgia)

2012 – Rona Nishliu (Albania)

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