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ESC Pulse Podcast: National Finals 2017 – Episode #8

We have two comebacks and Austria’s song, plus we preview national finals in Estonia, Portugal and Romania. We also have our weekly news updates, plus we answer listener’s questions.

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ESC Pulse Podcast: National Finals 2017 – Episode #7

Kylie has a rant about what she perceives to be a low quality national season as we preview finals in Slovenia, Ukraine, Denmark, Moldova and Latvia. We also have our weekly news updates, plus we answer listener’s questions.

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ESC Pulse Article: ESC 2016 Semi 1 Predictions

Hej! The jury rehearsal for the first semi-final has come and gone, Kylie was there to witness it while Nicolas and Sara had to rely on videos and blogs from home. Will that show a difference in opinions and predictions between the three of us? Let’s find out as we give a simple yes/no answer over whether each of the songs will qualify or not…

Kylie: First of all, I have to say that the production of this year’s show is so well produced, amazing graphics, I’m very impressed! I already can’t wait to see the other two shows now!

Nicolas: Our loyal listeners out there know that Sara and I have already made very detailed predictions, but following the jury rehearsal made me change one qualifier. In general though, wow (NOT secret advertising for Malta… although they did offer), what an amazing show it will be!

Sara: It all seems pretty good. Just a pity that so many countries almost screwed up their chances with bad staging decisions. But, as you might know, I always stick by my trusty statistics to predict the qualifiers! So I’ll probably fail again…



Sandhja – “Sing It Away”. Image courtesy of EBU.

Kylie: No. It’s just an underwhelming start to the semi and it’s easily forgotten.

Nicolas: No. It’s not just underwhelming, it’s a completely wrong approach as well. When staging a fun uptempo song, going for an aggressive look and aggressive moves just doesn’t work. And the backing singers come across like five older mums wanting to do something cool (and inevitably cringeworthy) at some children’s party.

Sara: No. And if the song wasn’t enough to convince you that it won’t qualify, just look at that outfit.



Argo – “Utopian Land”. Image courtesy of EBU.

Kylie: No. I thought it might just do it a week ago, but after the jury rehearsal, I just got a pretty good hunch that this might just get dragged down in the end. I’m very much open to being wrong on this one though.

Nicolas: No. This is the one I’m changing my mind on. Maybe the other Eurovision fans have made me more (too?) optimistic, but I’ll say this one will fail in favour of a country I’d much rather see in the final…

Sara: No. In a Utopian Land, songs like this should end last in Eurovision semis.



Lidia Isac – “Falling Stars”. Image courtesy of EBU.

Kylie: No. I just think the astronaut is pretty silly, there’s no real reason for people to vote for it in my opinion.

Nicolas: No. Kylie said it all. It’s pleasant enough, but why would anyone want to vote for it? The only people I can imagine voting for it is your average Moldovan housewife. And that might be a bummer for Lidia.

Sara: No. This song simply failed to catch anyone’s attention during the entire season, as shown by my statistics, so there’s no reason to believe people will suddenly notice it now.



Freddie – “Pioneer”. Image courtesy of EBU.

Kylie: Yes. There’s not much remarkable about this, but I just feel that there’s enough for it to sneak through in around 8-10th position.

Nicolas: Yes. After the first three songs, I have to begrudgingly admit that this feels like the real start of the semi. Sailing through.

Sara: Yes. The song is good enough, and even though I really don’t like his voice, I can see why some people would like this.



Nina Kraljić – “Lighthouse”. Image courtesy of EBU.

Kylie: No. That outfit just destroyed every single chance it had, which is a massive shame because I really like the song. Oh well…

Nicolas: Yes. I think the outfit turned it from a top 10 position to a 20th in the final. But yes, that means I do think it will still qualify, even just on song merit alone.

Sara: Yes. This is where my statistics might fail me, as this was so highly regarded before the rehearsals. Thanks, Nina. -_-


The Netherlands

Douwe Bob – “Slow Down”. Image courtesy of EBU.

Kylie: Yes. The big pause in the jury rehearsal started off awkward but then the crowd gave a big cheer, so it KINDA worked out in the end. This is very much a jury song and that factor will push them over the line in my opinion.

Nicolas: Yes. Oozes class, charisma and performs effortlessly. This will do pretty well!

Sara: No. I disagree with Kylie, I think juries will have been bored with this. But I guess this is one that you need to see on screen, so if I fail on this one, I blame it on not being there!



Iveta Mukuchyan – “LoveWave”. Image courtesy of EBU.

Kylie: Yes. It just stands out in its semi because it’s so striking and intense, but in a good way.

Nicolas: Yes. I mean, who wouldn’t vote for those legs?

Sara: Yes. Obviously.


San Marino

Serhat – “I Didn’t Know”. Image courtesy of EBU.

Kylie: Noooooo.

Nicolas: Noooooo.

Sara: Noooooo.



Sergey Lazarev – “You Are The Only One”. Image courtesy of EBU.

Kylie: Yes. Well, duh. I don’t need to explain why.

Nicolas: Yes. Outstanding staging with a mediocre song. Definitely enough to qualify.

Sara: Yes. Best performance of this semi! ❤


Czech Republic

Gabriela Gunčíková – “I Stand”. Image courtesy of EBU.

Kylie: Yes. Juries will love it and it’s a very well-done performance, I know what’s coming in the comments below mine though…

Nicolas: Yes. Hehe, Kylie will be surprised when she reads this… I’ve finally come to accept that she will qualify, as the song has all the merits to do so and she’s got some of the odds well in favour of her (only ballad, one of the best voices, simplicity after Russian complexity,…). Now watch them not qualify. -_-

Sara: Yes. I guess Kylie will also be surprised by my prediction, but I think this will even come 5th.



Minus One – “Alter Ego”. Image courtesy of EBU.

Kylie: Yes. It’s a classic Eurovision rock performance and comes across as very exciting. They should be very confident in a second successive qualificiation!

Nicolas: Yes. But I don’t think they should be VERY confident. It’ll be borderline, mostly because of François’ thin vocals.

Sara: Yes. This is how you do rock music, Montenegro! 😛



Zoë – “Loin d’ici”. Image courtesy of EBU.

Kylie: No. It’s just too kitsch and fanwanky. Sorry guys (but I’m not sorry, no).

Nicolas: No. It’s outstandingly lovely, yet chanceless, sadly…

Sara: No. I’d be so sad if it doesn’t qualify, but I really think this is a borderline one… I don’t think it will, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did qualify. And Kylie, this is not a fanwank, not nearly enough people like this to call it that! 😛



Jüri Pootsmann – “Play”. Image courtesy of EBU.

Kylie: No. As much as it pains me to say this, but I just don’t think there’s much to engage the people at home here, and that gives me a sad face. 😦

Nicolas: No. I just don’t feel the connection between the song, the staging and the audience. I think the juries might like it, but for the televoters this might even be a bottom 3 placing.

Sara: Yes. For some reason, people seem to like serial killers.



Samra – “Miracle”. Image courtesy of EBU.

Kylie: Yes. Even though she royally butchered the song in the jury rehearsal, I just feel that there’s certain factors that will enable this to 10th place in the semi yet again. I hope I’m wrong though.

Nicolas: Yes. Samra might struggle a lot, but it’s a popular genre with no real female competition, performed (yet not sung) professionally.

Sara: Yes. It’s Azerbaijan.



Highway – “The Real Thing”. Image courtesy of EBU.

Kylie: No. It’s just messy, I’ve always said that this is the most likely last place in the semi and I stick with that now.

Nicolas: No. Chanceless, I fear.

Sara: No. This is just terrible.



Greta Salóme – “Hear Them Calling”. Image courtesy of EBU.

Kylie: Yes. They took the NF staging and improved it, it looks great and should sail through.

Nicolas: Yes. I still think this will complete the top 3 in the semi after Russia and Armenia! Gorgeous performance (WITH a beautiful narrative, Russia!) and sung well enough. Let’s just hope Greta will catch her cues unlike in Söngvakeppnin..

Sara: Yes. Deserves to qualify both on song and performance!


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner and Jala – “Ljubav je”. Image courtesy of EBU.

Kylie: Yes. With Croatia messing up with their Barbara Dex contender, this will mop up all the ex-Yu and Balkan diaspora votes. The very good running order slot also helps.

Nicolas: No. For me this is probably the hardest one to predict in this semi. I think it deserves to qualify, but this song’s main problem is that on first listening, it’s very very messy. And then there’s all the people seeing Deen for the first time…

Sara: No. This is just too much of a messy bunch of people and people won’t know what they’re watching.



Ira Losco – “Walk On Water”. Image courtesy of EBU.

Kylie: Yes. Well, duh, pimp slot and a good performance, this should have hardly any problem getting to the final here. Not sure how it will do if/when it gets there though.

Nicolas: Yes. Won’t get as high in the final as they want, but this is a no-brainer for the final.

Sara: Yes. Although I do really think that the staging is now very boring, with nothing happening and Ira just walking around aimlessly.


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy the show, and if you agree/disagree with us, or want to make fun of us after the show for our incorrect predictions, hit us with a comment!


ESC Pulse Podcast: Nicolas & Sara Review The 2016 Rehearsals (Part 1)

Nicolas and Sara are not in Stockholm, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t have a say about what they make of the rehearsal footage back home in the States!


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ESC Pulse Podcast: ESC 2016 Review – Semi 1 (part 1)

The first of our shows reviewing the songs competing in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. In this episode, we look at the songs in the first half of Semi 1 (minus San Marino).

Note – there will be a re-vote on San Marino for next week.

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Euro Dummies Podcast: National Finals 2016 – Episode #10

After last weekend, time to relax! We preview National Finals in Estonia, Poland and Romania, plus the Second Chance round in Sweden, and we also have a song from France. There’s also our weekly news roundup, and we answer listener’s Twitter questions.




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Euro Dummies Podcast: National Finals 2016 – Episode #9

It’s not just Super Saturday, it’s Super Week! We preview finals in Germany, the UK, Norway, Slovenia, Moldova, Finland, Hungary and Latvia, plus the 4th semi in Sweden, and we also have songs from Bosnia & Herzegovina and Cyprus. There’s also our weekly news roundup, and we answer listener’s Twitter questions.




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Euro Dummies Article: ESC 2015 Semi 1 Predictions

Due to some issues with our recording, our Semi 1 predictions will be in text form!

As per our usual prediction, we give each song a Yes or No answer over whether they will qualify and we give a short answer as to our reasoning for the answer we gave.


1) Moldova

Kylie: No. Even though it looks good, I think juries will kill it. It’s a really tough one but I’m stick my neck out despite it being a borderliner, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did qualify after all.

Nicolas: No. I feel that juries will deliberately put this last because of the act. Televoters might save them from last place, though. Oh, and Romania of course.

Sara: No. This might come last in the semi-final, it might not even get high points from Romania because he’s Ukrainian.

2) Armenia

Kylie: Yes. It’s basically a rallying call to their diaspora, even though their jury performance as a bit wobbly, I think their televoting diaspora will see them through.

Nicolas: Yes. I don’t even think juries will mark it down (apart from possibly the Netherlands and Belgium, targeting that same diaspora in a negative way) because of how surprisingly good it sounds live. I agree that diaspora will help this qualify.

Sara: Yes. I actually think it sounds kinda nice and it’s purple and pretty.

3) Belgium

Kylie: Yes. It looks great and sounds great, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t qualify!

Nicolas: No (laughs). I will only believe we are in the final when I see the envelope with our flag on screen. I just can’t imagine the East voting for us, it’s too sterile, too marketed towards Northern and Western Europe.

Sara: Yes. He is amazing and cute and it should do very well. It’s very Sia-like and she’s liked in Eastern Europe, so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t like him. This is a definite qualifier and if it’s not, I’ll cry myself to sleep.

4) The Netherlands

Kylie: No. It sounded really good but visually I really don’t think it is up to scratch.

Nicolas: No. As Kylie said it doesn’t look good. I even disagree on it sounding good. Her jury rehearsal was possibly her worst runthrough so far.

Sara: Yes. I don’t why, but I just said “yes” based on my predictions system! (For people that don’t know my system: I take statistics from views, likes, dislikes, comments on certain Youtube videos as well as the odds, charts, fanpolls etc.)

5) Finland

Kylie: No. It’s another difficult choice and I think it’s borderline but I have a bad feeling that juries will knock it back, even though it looks good.

Nicolas: Yes. I don’t see juries marking it down that badly, seeing as their rankings are published, how do you think that would make them look if they collectively put Finland last? Also, I can easily see this doing really well with televoters.

Sara: Yes. I agree with Nicolas that juries wouldn’t dare put it last, and if every jury has it in the middle, it’s a good thing with this new ranking system, because televoters will put it high. Those together give it a qualifying result.

6) Greece

Kylie: Yes. What can I say? She completely slayed her jury performance and it looks very nice, no problems qualifying at all!

Nicolas: Yes. I think it’ll sail through to the final but not do well there, it looks and sounds impressive but the song is still very bland. It will get lost with all the other ballads in the final.

Sara: Yes. Greece always qualifies no matter what crap they send. That, and the fact that she sounds and looks good.

7) Estonia

Kylie: Yes. Well duh! It was a pretty solid performance tonight.

Nicolas: Yes. Of course it will qualify! It’s an amazing staging, possibly the best of the year. Add Elina’s boo.. uhm, crying to that, and you have a televoting magnet!

Sara: Yes. This will definitely qualify but I don’t think it’s going to do as well as everyone says. It’s going to be that song that is a fan favorite but ‘flops’ in the final.

8) FYR Macedonia

Kylie: No. Oh god, what have you done?! I think this will be last in the televote actually.

Nicolas: No. They had a qualifier on their hands with this song, but they completely destroyed it with the staging. Merj are obviously great singers, but their style does not match the song at all. Same goes for Daniel’s weird moves.

Sara: No. Just because you have Grammy award-winning singers on stage doesn’t mean you’ll qualify. Macedonia needs to learn how to stage entries because this had so much potential. Daniel ruins it with his voice and his awkwardness. This is not an RnB song so stop trying to make it one.

9) Serbia

Kylie: No. I’ve got a bad feeling that it will be a fan favourite that won’t make it out of the semi.

Nicolas: Yes. What to say? It’s fabulous! Viewers at home will be waiting for an act like this, they’ll love it! However, in the final it’ll do nothing at all…

Sara: No. People who would vote for this are all in the hall. I don’t think people at home will find this vote-worthy in such a strong semi. The breakdown is just too ridiculous looking with the backing singers/dancers that people would just laugh.

10) Hungary

Kylie: Yes. It stands out in its own little way, juries will love it.

Nicolas: Yes. Boggie has a lot to thank the producers for with that amazing draw. She couldn’t have wished for a better moment to perform. People who hated Serbia (and they’ll have as many haters as they’ll have lovers) will be yearning for a beautiful, intimate song like this. Still, she needs to get her facial expressions right.

Sara: No. Juries may really like this but televoters will find her too robotic and boring, so they’ll take a pee break (like I did last night).

11) Belarus

Kylie: Yes. It’s a borderliner but I think it’s got enough friends to see them through, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it failed.

Nicolas: No. Biggest. Disappointment. Of the year. This could’ve had such a strong staging! They had a good staging on their hands in the semi, but they’ve just lost that. People will forget about this one.

Sara: No. I’m really disappointed in Belarus this year. Sure, he sounds good but their stage performance has nothing special to make it stand out.

12) Russia

Kylie: Yes. Well, duh!

Nicolas: Yes. Semi-final winner.

Sara: Yes. I think it’ll win the semi. At first I didn’t think it was smart to have a band on stage but Polina has a really good aura around her. She’s beautiful and she has a winner’s face and song.

13) Denmark

Kylie: Yes. There’s no reason for juries to mark it down and I think it will get a reasonable televote, so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t qualify in 8th or 9th.

Nicolas: Yes. Simple, it’ll end up in the middle of the televoting rankings and in the middle of the jury rankings. Easy qualification, trouble in the final.

Sara: No. It’s time for Denmark to fail. If you can’t get support from your own country, how do you expect support from other countries?

14) Albania

Kylie: No. Even though Elhaida nailed all her notes tonight, I just feel the staging isn’t interesting enough to get big support. It might be a jury favourite that fails due to lack of televote.

Nicolas: No. Did she even nail all the notes? To me she sounded quite off, to be honest. That, plus the fact that it’s completely anonymous, won’t help at all.

Sara: Yes. While watching an illegal stream thanks to the Armenians (thanks Tamar!) this came across as very strong on screen.

15) Romania

Kylie: Yes. This has no problems at all qualifying.

Nicolas: Yes. Another song targeting their diaspora, but in a less ‘in your face’ way. It’s a very strong melody performed by a band with experience.

Sara: Yes. It’s a sweet song that everyone will go ‘aww’ to. And the diaspora will help it, of course.

16) Georgia

Kylie: Yes. God bless Nina, she’s been really sick today but she really did the best she could tonight, she was about 95% there and it looks really great.

Nicolas: Yes. She was so much better than in the first dress rehearsal! This is such an amazing end to a crazy semi-final, televoters will love her!

Sara: Yes. She’s lucky with the draw because everyone will remember this and be singing it all night. She has very striking eyes and a very powerful voice, even though she couldn’t hit all of her notes.