Euro Dummies Article: ESC 2015 Final Predictions

So here we are, we’re very nearly at the final hurdle, and soon we will know who is the winner of ESC 2015. It’s been a hell of a journey so far, and we’ve got one thing left to do…


But first, let’s talk about Semi 2…

Kylie: Oh boy! I’m sad about Iceland not making it, but HELL YES NORWAY!!!

Nicolas: I’m really happy with the results! I was ecstatic when Montenegro qualified, and even more so when it was Latvia being called out! I’m also glad Israel managed to end their streak of bad results!

Sara: Pretty predictable, except for Iceland, I was really upset about that.. She was way too nervous and it was so sad because she was such a princess and deserved to qualify. ❤ Justice for Iceland!


Let’s talk about the automatic finalists!

Kylie: Having actually seen what they look like on TV – France looks better than expected, they probably won’t do really well with that crappy draw but mid-table would be fair. Germany looks amazing and I hope it does well. Spain is… interesting, I feel it comes across as a bunch of fluff after Romania and especially before Hungary. Italy looks BORING and I feel they’re an underwhelming close to the show, I think viewers will be fatigued by the time they come on, I still stand by my earlier prediction that they may flop in the televote. And the UK… well we didn’t balls up the jury rehearsal which is a plus, I hope that’s enough to stop us finishing really badly. Australia feels too slick and plastic after Cyprus and Belgium just leaves them for dust.

Nicolas: France seems so good! That one took me by surprise! It’s the only rehearsal video that gave me goosebumps. The UK is… well, the UK. Clueless. Germany is nice, nice staging, nice voice, but nice doesn’t win Eurovision. Surprise last place? Spain just feels like a completely wrong performance for an atmospheric song like this, really sad, it’s too kitsch. Italy is just being Italy, classy, pompous and giving the impression they’ve already won. Will that work though, I don’t know.. I never got the love for Australia, and I do think they should win the Barbara Dex award this year. Austria could be a surprise lower top 10 candidate.

Sara: Poor France.. Getting drawn second with such a beautiful staging and song, they were screwed over. Maybe I should vote for them. And the UK… What is this crap? Why on earth did they give her such a massive battery pack and hide it in the most stupid way possible. Poor girl, possibly affects her voice and dance moves. It’s as cheesy as Eurovision can get, but I think it’ll get a better result than people expect. Germany is really nothing special. I like the song, I like Ann Sophie, I just don’t like the performance. I kind of hope it’ll be forgotten but then again, I said that last year, and Elaiza did better than expected. Spain looks pretty cool. She sounds good but I heard that in the jury rehearsal she didn’t sound too great. I’m pissed that the Spanish fanboys ruin my statistics, because now apparently Spain is going to get fourth place according to my stats, like every other year. And everyone knows that’s not going to happen. Italy is Italy. Congratulations. Australia can go suck a nut! It ruins Belgium and I hope Guy Sebastian falls on his face in the middle of his performance! Austria.. well, it’s the most plain, boring, forgettable song I’ve heard in my entire life. If it does well, it’s just because it’s the host country.


So, who do we think is winning this year?

Kylie: I’m still expecting it to be Sweden, with about 290 points roughly, with Russia and Belgium being 2nd and 3rd in any order.

Nicolas: Sweden. Said it back on the 28th February, and I still stand by that. It’ll win with a landslide and afterwards people will say that it was so obvious.

Sara: Since both Kylie and Nicolas say Sweden, I’ll be different and say Russia. With Sweden second and Italy third.


Any last words?

Kylie: Heia Norge, Bonne Chance Belgique and καλή τύχη Κύπρος!

Nicolas: Bonne chance, Loïc! Succes, Loïc! Viel Glück, Loïc! ❤

Sara: Go Belgique! I love you, Loïc and no matter what happens tonight, I’ll still love you!


Author: Kylie Wilson

Editor-in-chief of ESC Pulse. A British-New Zealander who's an unashamed Norwegophile, has watched Eurovision every year since 1999, and is not afraid to speak her mind and step outside the general consensus.

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