Podcast: The Cast: Yoni

Name: Yoni Kunitsa

Country: Israel

First Eurovision: 2006

First Eurovision Memory: My country winning in 1998.

Favourite Eurovision Winner: It would have to be a tie between two French winners –  “Un jour, un enfant” (1969) and “L’oiseau et l’enfant” (1977). And also “Insieme: 1992” (Italy 1990).

Worst Eurovision Winner: Either “Running Scared” (Azerbaijan 2011) or “Si la vie est cadeau” (Luxembourg 1983), I know a lot of fans will be mad at me for that last one but it was an extremely undeserved winner.

Favourite Israeli entry: This is an easy choice for me, it’s “Hi” (1983), I just love it so much.

Worst Israeli entry: First in mind would be “Shiru” (1993), the woman was so deluded and it was just a pathetic attempt. Another one is “Together We Are One” (2006), it was nice but totally out of place in Eurovision. And a lot of fans will want to kill me for this, but I’d say “Hasheket shenish’ar” (2005).  And finally, “Derech hamelech” (1989) as well.

Worst Outfit in Eurovision Ever: I’d say Javine (UK 2005) if you could even call what she was wearing a dress!

Favourite Eurovision Countries and Their Best Song: For me it’s Portugal, I just can’t ever dislike that country. My favourite entry by them would be “O meu coração não tem cor” (1996).


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