Podcast: The Cast: Nicolas

Name: Nicolas Baus

Country: Belgium

First Eurovision: Probably 1998, but I’ve been watching Eurovision all my life.

First Eurovision Memory: Israel winning in 1998.

Favourite Eurovision Winner: Not only is this my favourite winner but it’s also my favourite song ever. When my funeral starts one day, the song that will play in the background will be “Nocturne” (Norway 1995).

Worst Eurovision Winner: I’m sorry to the whole Eurovision community, but “Refrain” (Switzerland 1956) is my last place of that year. I absolutely loathe “Diggi-loo Diggi-ley” (Sweden 1984), and I also really dislike “Everybody” (Estonia 2001).

Favourite Belgian entry: Some entries I love are “Soldiers of Love” (1987), “Macédomienne” (1990), “Quand tu reviendras” (1968), and “Judy et cie” (1976). But “Sanomi” (2003) beats them all hands down!

Worst Belgian entry: Where do I start when it comes to Belgium?! I don’t like “Copycat” (2009), I also don’t like “Envie de vivre” (2000).  As for a less obvious choice, I absolutely HATE “Si tu aimes ma musique” (1982).

Worst Outfit in Eurovision Ever: Rona Nishliu (Albania 2012), that was really awful. Sofi Marinova (Bulgaria) from the same year as well, she looked like a Power Ranger! And well of course there was Barbara Dex herself, she was really badly clothed.

Favourite Eurovision Countries and Their Best Song: Serbia is one of them, but I really can’t choose between their songs! Another one is Turkey, and if I had to pick one song of theirs, it would be “Dinle” (1997). Spain is another favourite, and my favourite entry is a peculiar choice – “Quédate esta noche” (1980). One last country I want to mention is Greece, my favourite entry of theirs is “Panayia mu, Panayia mu” (1976).


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