Costume Change

A “costume change” is self-explanatory, it’s when an act changes their costume during their performance, usually by removing an item that reveals another outfit underneath.

The most famous instance of a costume change in Eurovision, and arguably the entry that popularised it, was the UK’s 1981 winning entry “Making Your Mind Up” by Buck’s Fizz. Halfway through the number, the two male singers ripped off the long skirts off the female singers to reveal mini-dresses underneath.

Other examples:

  • Danijela – “Neka mi ne svane” (Croatia 1998)
  • Doris Dragović – “Marija Magdalena” (Croatia 1999)
  • Linda Wagenmakers – “No Goodbyes” (Netherlands 2000)
  • Marie N – “I Wanna” (Latvia 2002)
  • Daria Kinzer – Celebrate (Croatia 2011)

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