“To Be Bergendahlised”

To Be Bergendahlised” is a term that refers to when a country in the Semi-final fails to qualify for the Final for the first time ever, sometimes when their qualification would’ve otherwise have been considered to be virtually guaranteed.

Poor little Anna Bergendahl, not only did her song unexpectedly fail to get Sweden into the 2010 Final for the first time in the country’s history, but that failure has since been immortalised by coining a term relating to other failures.

As of 2012, six countries still have 100% qualification records and have yet to be Bergendahlised: Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greece, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. Obviously one of these days, none of the countries that compete in the Semi-finals will have a 100% qualification record, at which point there will be no use for the term anymore.


First time non-qualifications (only counting countries that have qualified at least once):

2004 – Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia,  Switzerland

2005 – Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland

2006 – Albania, Cyprus

2007 – Croatia, Malta, Norway

2008 – Hungary, FYR Macedonia, Moldova

2009 – Serbia

2010 – Sweden

2011 – Armenia, Turkey

2012 – Georgia


2 thoughts on ““To Be Bergendahlised””

  1. Since 2018, the only countries which are not yet Bergandahlised are Ukraine and Australia, but I bet Aussies may be Bergandahlised this time with non mainstream pop-pera

    1. Oh I lied, popera did qualify, but Technicolors bergendahlized Australia! Now Ukraine is the only country who have 100% of qualificaiton record, and also congradulations to Go_A’s 5th place!

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