San Marino


Debut – 2008

Current Broadcaster – SMRTV

Best Result – 24th (2014)

Highest Score (pre-2016) – 14 points (2014)

Worst Result – 19th in Semi-final, last (2008 – 5 points)

Qualification rate

Since 2008: 1 in 7 attempts (14.28%)

Scoreboard stats (final only)

Top 5 results: 0
Top 10 results: 0
Last place results: 0

Performer stats

Male solo: 1
Female solo: 4
Mixed duo: 1
Male group: 1

Language stats

Italian language: 2
English language: 5

Known for…

  • Sending the same woman three times in a row
  • A song about Faceb- erm, social networks
  • A middle-aged guy with a hat does disco (which was originally a ballad!)

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