ESC Pulse Podcast: ESC 2021 Review – Automatic Finalists

The fifth and final show reviewing the songs competing in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. This week, we have Ciaran Urry-Tuttiett of The Eurovision Showcase joining us as our final special guest judge as we look at the songs that have automatically qualified for the Grand Final.

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The songs reviewed in this episode:

    • France: Barbara Pravi – “Voilà”
    • Germany: Jendrik – “I Don’t Feel Hate”
    • Italy: Måneskin – “Zitti e buoni”
    • Spain: Blas Cantó – “Voy a quedarme”
    • United Kingdom: James Newman – “Embers”
    • The Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy – “Birth Of A New Age”

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