ESC Pulse Article: Introducing – Every Junior Eurovision Song

With inspiration from ESC Insight’s “Every Eurovision Song” series (seriously, check it out!), this blog will tackle it’s Junior equivalent.

I, Kylie, will be the one responsible for attempting to review every single Junior Eurovision song that has ever been performed.

Let me tell you my story: I’m only a recent convert of Junior Eurovision. The first contest I watched was in 2013.

When the contest first took place in 2003, I was 15 years-old: in other words, not the target demographic for a contest of singing kids singing kiddy songs. And everyone knows that when you hit your early-teens, anything targeted towards kids was “lame” as you made attempts at appearing “mature” by watching 18 certificate films and listening to depressing goth rock. Even though I religiously watched Eurovision every year, I was far from interested in a kid’s version back then.

And as I got older, I was under the impression that jESC was just a singing equivalent of those super creepy child pageant things you see on Toddlers And Tiaras.

The main reason why I eventually got into jESC as an adult was thanks to my Pulse colleague Nicolas, as he and his now-wife are huge fans of jESC and pretty much forced me to cover it on the website. Two years later I would go to the contest as press and witness a lot of the kids and delegations outside of rehearsals. It really isn’t a Toddlers And Tiaras-style freak show, these kids really enjoy performing and the organisers really care about their wellbeing.

And, shock horror, a lot of these “kiddy songs” are actually pretty good!

So this blog is kind of a challenge for me to become more familiar with the history of jESC, and possibly as a challenge to develop my critiquing skills more. I don’t know how frequently I will post reviews or when I will finally complete all the songs from 2003-2015, and I will definitely catch up with each new contest as they come.

All reviews are of my own personal opinion and I don’t try to pretend that my opinions are representative of the jESC/ESC fanbase. You don’t have to agree with me and I don’t have to like your favourites, what ever they might be!

I hope you enjoy the blog! You can find it here, the first review will be up soon:


Author: Kylie Wilson

Editor-in-chief of ESC Pulse. A British-New Zealander who's an unashamed Norwegophile, has watched Eurovision every year since 1999, and is not afraid to speak her mind and step outside the general consensus.

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