Euro Dummies Podcast: ESC 2014 Review – Semi 1 (part 2)

Part two of our shows reviewing the songs competing in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. In this episode, we look at the songs in the second half of Semi 1.

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The songs reviewed in this episode:

  • Ukraine: Maria Yaremchuk – “Tick-Tock”
  • Belgium: Axel Hirsoux – “Mother”
  • Moldova: Cristina Scarlat – “Wild Soul”
  • San Marino: Valentina Monetta – “Maybe”
  • Portugal: Suzy – “Quero ser tua”
  • The Netherlands: The Common Linnets – “Calm After The Storm”
  • Montenegro: Sergej Ćetković – “Moj svijet”
  • Hungary: András Kállay-Saunders – “Running”


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Author: Kylie Wilson

Editor-in-chief of ESC Pulse. A British-New Zealander who's an unashamed Norwegophile, has watched Eurovision every year since 1999, and is not afraid to speak her mind and step outside the general consensus.

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