Euro Dummies Podcast: 2013 – Episode #11

It’s time for both Kylie and Nicolas to lose credibility points this week as we wrap up and look back on the 2013 National Final Season.

Note – We subsequently learnt that Yoni fell ill on the recording day, hence his sudden absence this week. Get well soon!

Download link

This week we talk about:

  • Serbia’s chosen entry
  • Bulgaria’s chosen entry
  • Sweden’s chosen entry
  • Israel’s chosen entry
  • Romania’s chosen entry
  • Preview of Moldova’s NF
  • The entry of the UK and Belarus’ new entry
  • A lookback on the outstanding moments/songs of the 2013 NF Season
  • Other Eurovision news
  • We answer listener’s questions!

An iTunes link will be available shortly.

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Author: Kylie Wilson

Editor-in-chief of ESC Pulse. A British-New Zealander who's an unashamed Norwegophile, has watched Eurovision every year since 1999, and is not afraid to speak her mind and step outside the general consensus.

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